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Mrs.Rash like so many other Seniors survive on SS but desperately need the companionship of heir pets. Animalkind inc was able to pay for the spay of Heidi so they could remain together.


"You helped me neuter Boe when I couldn't afford to and I appreciate everything you do."
- Vicki H.


"We went to the pound one day with our mother in law and found this scare, skinny but yet beautiful German Shepherd. We adopted her and her name is Juno. Just a few days went by and she opened up to us and became the most lovable dog ever."
-Christina D.


"Allie is her name and she loves to snuggled, run circles around our daughter, Allie is just so much fun. She hates car rides but yet she goes everywhere with me. The low cost helped me get her spayed."
-Christina D.


"This is our heart breaker. He was dumped in a shelter and Animalkind saved him and we couldn't help but adopt. " -Verna T.

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AnimalKind Inc.

AnimalKind Inc. is a low cost spay and neuter program designed to help people who need financial assistance. We rely solely on grants and donations. We currently have veterinarians in Springfield, Bolivar, Clinton, Stockton, and Humansville.

#GivingTuesday News

Memorial for Terry

Three and a half years ago, we adopted 2 Amazing dogs from Animalkind. My husband was especially drawn to our beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Molly. She would jump up in his lap and love on him and talk with him. Terry missed her when we were away..... Three and a half months ago, Terry's life took a turn and he was Diagnosed with Acute Monocytic Leukemia and Lewey Body Dementia Parkinson's. He fought a hard fight, but eventually the Chemo took it's toll and he passed peacefully June 21. He was never one for accolades or flowers... But he was certain that he wanted to help the organization that brought Sweet Molly and Mouse into our lives. We are asking for Memorial Donations to be made in his honor to help rescue many more dogs and allow them a loving home as we have.

HumanKind Helping AnimalKind

Many families dearly love their pets, but simply cannot afford the full cost of spaying and neutering them. AnimalKind helps those pet owners with the expense of this surgery for their pets. We’d like to share the story of one such family. A single mother and her son, along with their two dogs and three cats, had to move from near Harrisonville to Nevada, Missouri to be near her daughter, who has special needs. The children’s father had died a year earlier, and the dogs had been especially comforting to him and the family in the father’s last days. This single mother found a rental house that would accept pets, but the landlord required that the pets be spayed and neutered before the family could move in. She could not afford the veterinarian bills, but she could not bear to relinquish the pets. So she and her son camped in a tent by the river with the animals. They were family, after all. The animals had supported her and her son in their most difficult times. She could not abandon them. AnimalKind heard about the situation, and paid for the surgery for all five pets. That way, the woman could use what money she had to pay the security deposit to the landlord, and move her family into a house near her special needs daughter. AnimalKind not only helped the animals, but we helped the family, too. Won’t you help us keep helping families and pets?

What the Veterinarians Say

"Animal Kind has been a blessing for both veterinarians and pet owners alike. Many pet owners are unable to spay or neuter their pet's due to cost. With the Animal Kind program, it helps cover the cost of this, while helping to get the pet seen and checked for other medical conditions that they may not have been aware existed. We greatly appreciate their assistance to the pet community. They are truly a blessing."

Dr Levin and Dr Lindsey Roweton
Animal Care Clinic
Bolivar Mo.

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November 27

November 27, 2018

In support of #GivingTuesday on November 27, 2018, Facebook is partnering with PayPal to match up to $7 million in donations made on Facebook to eligible US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofits like Animalkind Inc. The match applies to fundraisers for nonprofit organizations, including birthday fundraisers and Donate buttons. The matching dollars are available to any US-based nonprofit that can receive donations made on Facebook. Donations up to $250k per nonprofit and $20k per donor are eligible to be matched. Facebook and PayPal will match donations starting at 5am PST on November 27 and continue matching donations to nonprofits until the $7M match runs out.
Animalkind Inc. has assisted thousands of low income families.